Friday, 1 February 2013


If  you're thoroughly at home with grammatically correct English, you'll appreciate the necessity of  technically flawless prose even if, as in my blog, its content is utter dross. I can express my vacuous ideas with accurate punctuation and balanced sentence structure. Such a shame, really, that I'm so cognitively challenged.
How does this work. A student is offered a place at Cambridge University. I know. Prestigious academia: impressive. But apparently not necessarily so. Some of these people are required to take remedial English lessons because their literacy skills are so poor. I'm sorry? In what sense are these  aspirants supposed to be the academic elite? If grammar, spelling and sentence structure are beyond the reach of such candidates, how will they manage a critical essay let alone a fracking dissertation?
I'm outraged, frankly.
If you can't use spoken and written English with grammatical competence and a mature individual style, you can't go to university. Get off the bus.

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