Wednesday, 6 February 2013


It's slovenly and it's not good enough. There's enough going on in Rural Perthshire (and in my shambolic life) for me to be able to update you on a daily basis, but I haven't, have I. On the other hand, who actually gives a dog's monkey? Today, I've decided to accept the reality of my blog statistics. There have been around 1300 views so far of Notes from Rural Perthshire. This blog has had hits in a shedload of countries including India, Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, Ireland and Croatia. Who knows why. I was so impressed. But I've given myself a good slapping now. The fact is that I am a good few million hits away from international notoriety. Does this make my blog any less valid? Impossible. There is not a shred of validity anywhere this blog so the question is thoroughly absurd.

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